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[HOT] Client Testimonials from EB-5 Investor Clients

Client Testimonials from EB-5 Investor-Clients

Hi, Young,

It seems that I-485s of my wife and I have been approved. Thank you very much for your help.

I was wondering whether you have received any approval notice, such as I-765's. We only received the cards without approval notice, that we used to receive.

[July 2011. From a client who obtained conditional green cards through I-485 adjustments after getting I-526 approvals. Our office handled both their I-526s and I-485 adjustments. The client was a very nice Chinese professional couple from the West Coast. Note that sometimes USCIS just sends out green cards without any approval notices, or in certain cases, approval notices are received AFTER green cards arrive.]

Dear Mr. Noh,

Our new green cards have arrived in the mail today! Both my *** and I got the 10 year cards, that are valid until 2020. I am attaching the copies for your records.

Thank you for your work! Please let me know if we should do anything else at this time.

[August 2010. From a I-829 client from Russia in East Coast.]

More than 5 years ago, I met ****'s President and made a difficult decision to invest in **** Regional Center LP II project, and it is today that finally all our family's immigration and investment goals have been achieved . . . My family and I would like to express our heart-felt thanks to all professional staffs involved, and I hope your practice continues to prosper.

I plan to visit you personally and express my thanks personally in near future. If you ever visit Seattle, please give me a call.

[From **** Regional Center client whose family obtained both permanent green cards and return of investment]


I am thankful and relieved by the smooth manner in which we have obtained our permanent residency. I want to both thank and congratulate you on your deep sense of commitment and professionalism in managing our case, to which we owe our success. I am especially grateful to ****, whose assistance in every step of the process has been incredibly constructive and reassuring to our family.

Given your spotless track record, I am sure you and your colleagues will weather through these challenging times, especially as the economy . . . recovers this year . . . I will not hesitate to recommend your services.

I thank you and your colleagues once again, and my best wishes to your continuing success.

[From Prof. *** whose family obtained I-829 approvals]

We have had an excellent experience with the **** Regional Center. We were one of the first investors to sign up. Although we were very interested in the investment project they offered, we were at first uncertain because no one else had submitted an application. However, they worked very hard to make sure our application was very thorough, and since the beginning, they have been in regular communication with us and have answered all our questions. We received reports about the status of our investment so that before we even submitted our application for the unconditional green card, we knew that the investment project had already created more than enough jobs. Our I-829 conditional removal was approved less than a month after our application was submitted.

We are very happy and excited that everything has turned out so successfully and are confident that we will be as successful with our investment as we have been with our immigration . . ."

[From Mr. and Mrs. **** who obtained I-829 approvals]

Our family is very satisfied with our lives here in the US. We have settled here in California, we bought a home, and both my children are attending school. Also, our son just got accepted to the prestigious University of California at Berkeley, and he can now attend the university as permanent green card holder, because we just received our permanent green cards by mail within two months after our I-829 application was approved. I had an excellent experience with my investment in **** Regional Center Program . . . everyone involved were professional and kind. I can now confidently recommend . . . to others based on our own experience."

[From Mr. and Mrs. ***, investors who obtained I-829 approvals based on their investment in **** RC Program]