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[HOT] Our Track Record -- Some Sample I-829 Approvals for Permanent Green Cards Our Office Has Obtained Recently

"Although no one can guarantee that you (EB-5 investor) and your family will obtain permanent green cards through I-829 conditions removal approvals and get back all your investment amount, our law office ( has a record that is second to none in achieving both of these goals for our EB-5 clients we decide to represent. We believe our EB-5 clients can really benefit from our experiences and expertise in the EB-5 field we have gained over the years."

Young Noh,
Principal of
who immigrated to USA with his family at 11 years old

Our office's approval rate for I-829 cases is second to none. We were fortunate to accomplish this through our conservative approach, hard work and applying the know-how and the experience gained through our successful handling of EB-5 cases. There are certain knowledge that can only be gained from experience, and we believe we possess this crucial experience-based knowledge in the EB-5 field. Also, EB-5 cases are the only type of immigration cases our office currently handles, which means we are able to devote our full time and effort to your EB-5 case. We are not joking when we say that we are very selective in taking on any EB-5 case because we believe in doing good job on every case we take on, which sometimes unfortunately means that we decide not to take on some cases due to time and energy constraints.

Below are some of actual I-829 conditions removal approval notices (permanent green cards) our law office has obtained for our EB-5 investor clients. When it comes to EB-5 cases, I-829 conditions removals -- as well as recouping investments -- are what matters the most; but many factors influence the outcome. We feel that actual experience of obtaining successful results through hard work with our clients' cooperation is our most important asset. Note that we have taken all precautions not to disclose any client specific information.

For an actual I-485 approval (conditional green card), see:

We understand that the ultimate goals of our EB-5 investor clients do not stop with the acquisition of I-526 approval or conditional permanent resident status but ends with the approval of I-829 permanent green cards and recoupment of their investments.

* Naturally, all I-829 approval notices do not contain any information which can identify specific person or reveal confidential client information.