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[HOT] Current CSC processing times of EB-5 related petitions/applications

* Latest unofficial talk as of Sep 13, 2012: I-526s for some projects are getting approved in 3 or 4 months, while I-526s for some projects appear to be pending over 1 year.

You can check the latest processing times for I-526, I-485 and I-829 by clicking "Service Processing Dates" for CSC.

That's just too long. I-526 adjudication time has to get down under 3 months to be fair to RC operators and EB-5 investors.

Individual EB-5 related applications that are reviewed and adjudicated by California Service Center are: I-526, I-485 and I-829 applications, as well as RC related I-924 applications. The below estimates of the "current" processing times is the best estimates for the above individual types of applications. It should be noted that although CSC publishes monthly processing times reports, the processing times for EB-5 cases are not divided into regular or Regional Center cases.

I-924 initial RC designation applications and I-924 amendment applications are taking close to 10 months if not more.

Even though CSC has hired and/or trained new EB-5 staff, because of the increase in the number of EB-5 related petitions, the processing times have increased rather than reduced! Do not listen to regional centers who promise you "quick" approvals. Experienced regional center operators or EB-5 attorneys know that when it comes to the adjudication times, it's anything goes. Sad but true.

Undermining the accuracy of the USCIS processing times report is that they do not distinguish between the processing times of regular, direct EB-5 cases and regional center EB-5 cases. In addition, the processing time for I-485 appears to cover all employment-based I-485 applications, and does not focus specifically on I-485 applications based on I-526 approvals. Lastly, CSC often does not appear to be adjudicating cases in chronological order, i.e. First-In, First-Out basis. Although our experiences do not jive with the processing time reports published by CSC, it is only natural that there be some variances in processing times among individual cases.

What is the processing time for applications filed in Dallas TX.

What applications? All I-526s and I-829s should be adjudicated at CSC, no matter where filed. I find it's hard to determine what the processing time is, as it can change at any time, and depends on each examiner and circumstances. But not shorter than 6 to 7 months, and sometimes much longer.

What is latest experience with CSC on processing times for EB-5 I-485s. The UCSIS website data doesn't make any sense or is somewhat dispiriting if true (currently shows 16 MONTHS!)

I would say anywhere between 3 to 5 months. This is because FBI checks are done quickly these days.

For reference I am at 5 1/2 months and still waiting. The USCIS data shows virtually a standstill (17 Months). The pending numbers go up every month, even though they are processing 2-3 x what they receive. Are they processing other types of EB I-485s?

125Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me if new businesses that are established legally but still in their startup phase can sponsor me for an E3 visa. Or does the sponsoring employer need to have been in business for a specified period of time? Thank you.

I-485 processing times for EB applications at CSC now showing on USCIS site as 6.2 months as of 4th October -a dramatic improvement from the 17 months posted only a few weeks ago.

Didn't know it was listed as 17 months; must have been a mistake or due to a temporary situation.