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[HOT] This kind of anti-China ad does not bode well for the EB-5 Program

Also, done with a very poor taste.

Wow, this kind of ad certainly is not going to help the Republican party.

[HOT] N-400 Naturalization Application

For internal research purpose.

After I-829 conditions removal has been approved, naturalization application can be filed 5 years from the acquisition date of CPR. You can go to below link and see resources:

[Q] What does the notation "CRI89" mean in context of EB-5 case?

This notation stands for "Conditional Resident I-89 form". I-89 form was a white data collection form previously used by USCIS on which fingerprints and signature was collected AFTER I-485 or I-751 or I-829 was approved. Now days, USCIS does not use I-89 data collection form but instead captures necessary information through ASC biometrics procedure. However, it appears that USCIC automatic email notifications still contain "CRI89" references causing confusion.

Useful info on solving various problems with CBP, USCIS, DOS, etc.

For internal research purpose.

Issues involving:

green card production problems or delays;

CBP entry issues;

DOS Visa Office inquiry procedures;

Motion to Reopen or Reconsider based on Service Errors;

[HOT] Where can I find USCIS info on EB-5 Program?

USCIS has its own info at its official website:

In our opinion, USCIS should and could do a better job posting more helpful info on EB-5 area, including a FAQ on various issues regarding EB-5.

Getting G-28s recognized by USCIS

For internal research purpose.

2012/01/23 -- USCIS Stakeholders EB-5 Teleconference

Our informal notes of the teleconference:

USCIS will defer to state's determination of geographic area regarding TEA. State Dept of Labor will be deferred to, if and as long as that particular authority is delegated by the state per CFR regulations. See CFR 204.6. State must notify USCIS what body of state has authority to issue TEA designations.

Each I-526 must show TEA designation at the time of investment or I-526 filing, whichever is earlier. See Dec 11, 2009 memo.

USCIS has to review the issue of what happens to TEA for multi years project and spending and get back. USCIS asked for a specific email so they can decide and answer.

[Q] After I-526 approval, can a F-1 status applicant during 60 days grace period file I-485 adjustment of status?

Yes, as the applicant is deemed to be in nonimmigrant status during the 60 days grace period.

ASC Biometrics Notices Info

For internal research purpose.

To tell the ASC what data they need, the USCIS places a code in the upper right corner of the ASC notice. Here is what those codes mean:

1 – 10 Prints Only - They will take a scan of your fingerprints.

2 – Photo, Signature, Index Finger Print - They will take a digital photo, obtain your signature and finger print your index finger.

3 – 10 Prints, photo, signature, and Index Finger Print - All of the above. If it can be done they will do it.

[HOT] The most urgent goal of USCIS for the EB-5 Program should be . . .

One single goal of USCIS for the EB-5 Program should be issuing clear guidances on many outstanding EB-5 issues and enforcing them consistently. There are still too many outstanding EB-5 issues, even though the EB-5 Program has been "revived" around 2003. EB-5 practitioners will tell you there are too many inconsistent decisions for the EB-5 Program to be relied upon by business persons.

Few examples of inconsistent decisions:

1. Even though the EB-5 project has been pre-approved by CSC via an amendment procedure by paying a hefty fee, CSC often will issue RFEs asking project-related questions even though there has been no material changes from the time of the pre-approval and/or fraud or misrepresentation.

National Visa Center Processing Info

After I-526 has been approved, if consular processing procedure is chosen, I-526 case file is sent by USCIS to the National Visa Center (NVC) which acts as a processing house to receive necessary documents and information and set up an IV interview date.

2012/01/12 -- Redlined Overarching Draft Memo by Mayorkas with further changes

This version contains redlined changes to the November 9, 2011 draft overarching memo. If USCIS could arrive at a definitive and clear guidance for a SINGLE EB-5 issue which all CSC examiners will follow for every time USCIS holds a meeting, then there would be no more EB-5 issues misleading or confusing EB-5 regional centers, practitioners and investors. Discuss one single issue and then settle it and then move onto another issue -- that's the way it should work. USCIS has to issue clear guidance and then enforce the guidances through internal training and supervision -- that's the only way the EB-5 Program will progress.

[HOT] Office Inspector General Report in Jan 2012

Go to below link. This report reveals the inner-working and/or attitudes prevalent within the agency that controls the EB-5 adjudication. Very interesting stuff.

Read the below link for AILA's point of view:

Things do not look good regarding EB-5 cases and other cases.

I-551 temporary stamps evidencing CPR status

For Internal Research Purpose. Until I-829 has been approved or there has been a final order of removal after I-829 denial, EB-5 investor and family members can obtain I-551 temporary stamps evidencing CPR status.