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[HOT] Our EB-5 Immigration Services Offered & Rendered

* Our practice is limited to handling only EB-5 related cases.

Specific EB-5 related legal services specialized by our law office

  • Paid telephonic and email consultations on various EB-5 issues. We will not offer any free advice because of potential liability and time limitation.
  • Working with other attorneys or professionals in advisory capacity on their own EB-5 cases.
  • To handle I-526 filings for EB-5 investors. Please note we intentionally focus on quality rather than quantity of cases, which works well for a small law office like us.

Young Noh, the principal EB-5 practitioner, is an experienced EB-5 immigration attorney and a former and current AILA EB-5 Liaison Committee member during 2008 ~ 2009, 2011 ~ 2012 and 2012 ~ 2013, respectively, is pleased to offer the following comprehensive and specific EB-5 immigration-related services to potential EB-5 investors and professionals around the world. Note that we are experienced in having rendered advisory/consultant services to fellow business and immigration attorneys who need a guiding hand from a more experienced immigration attorney well-versed in the EB-5 law which appears to be simple but contains many practical issues with no ready answers for various reasons.

Having been fortunate (or unfortunate :)) enough to acquire both legal and practical knowledge concerning EB-5 area through extensive experience -- and also possessing business law experience from his days of having worked as a business attorney -- Young is uniquely qualified to render legal services in the EB-5 area.

Are municipal and county governments allowed to create EB-5 regional centers for re-development purposes as long as they can satisfy the job creation requirements?

Nothing in the law prohibiting the government or public entities from creating their own regional centers. Many have done so. But whether these governmental entities have the resources and the know-how to operate successful regional centers is another matter entirely.

You are right. Immigration is a very large topic to delve into. Choose one aspect of it, ppahres something that is in the news everyday. How about writing about immigrants coming here and doing the dirty jobs that Americans shun? Think about it. Most people (Americans) would never consider doing gardening, house cleaning, fruit picking or anything else of this nature. The jobs that I have mentioned are low-paying, usually dirty, back-breaking jobs. Immigrants, legal or illegal will work for little, with no job security or benefits, just to feed their families. Sad, isn't it?