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Premium processing for the I-526 is gnetitg closer, but it is not a question of weeks, but rather of months while USCIS works out the procedures for premium processing and hires the additional staff that they will need in order to implement the program. One major disappointment for regional centers and immigration attorneys alike was when USCIS Director Mayorkas announced during the EB-5 Stakeholder Meeting on September 15, 2011, that the program will not include, at least initially, new projects from existing regional centers, but rather just completely new regional centers. However, USCIS has been implementing a process to expedite review of new projects from existing regional centers. I have seen in practice that this can have the effect of cutting the processing time from 8-10 months down to 3-4 months. The idea is that USCIS examines an exemplar I-526 petition for the project separately from each investor's I-526 petition in which he or she presents evidence of the source of the investment funds. This way, the USCIS examiners are not re-examining the project documentation in each individual investor's I-526 petition as they had been doing up until recently, which has led to long processing delays. So, while 15-day premium is still months away, and will only be available for new regional centers and their projects, expedited processing with the use of exemplar petitions is speeding up USCIS's processing now.

My understanding is that USCIS will not implement the Premium Processing for EB-5 cases. They haven't mentioned the possibility in a long time.