You are here[HOT] About Us -- We are the IV Investment Visas Law Office and we know the EB-5 law!

[HOT] About Us -- We are the IV Investment Visas Law Office and we know the EB-5 law!

We just selectively represent EB-5 investors and process their I-526s and I-829s. That's all we do.

Languages spoken by EB-5 Center Attorneys Team:

  • English
  • Korean

"Before you decide to plunk down $500,000 USD or $1 Million USD for an EB-5 case, don't you think you owe yourself and your family an honest paid consultation from an experienced EB-5 immigration attorney?"

The EB-5 Center Team of U.S. Immigration Attorneys are based in the U.S. and Korea. This Team of U.S. immigration attorneys based in USA and Asia -- and speaking respective languages and intimately familiar with the local country's legal system and customs -- was formed to handle volume of EB-5 filings, including I-526s, Immigrant Visa processing and/or I-485s.

Young Noh, the principal EB-5 attorney, is an experienced EB-5 immigration attorney and a former and current AILA EB-5 Liaison Committee member for 2008 ~ 2009 and 2011 ~ 2012, respectively, and well-versed in both legal and practical aspects of the EB-5 law which is riddled with confusion and problematic issues. Many potential clients unfairly suspect that the EB-5 law has been intentionally made very confusing by immigration attorneys so that they can generate more legal fees, but this is not true: USCIS (and their sometimes ultra-vires regulations and policies) has made the EB-5 law very confusing without any help from attorneys. Most EB-5 immigration attorneys want the EB-5 law to be simplified and broadly construed and reflect the real-world business necessities, so that they can get more EB-5 cases approved and earn money on approved cases.

To help potential EB-5 investors and related parties learn about the EB-5 law, we created and maintain this site, considered by many (said author included) in the EB-5 community to be the most informative and comprehensive website on EB-5 area, where we strive to provide you with useful content and analysis, rather than bombard you with marketing contents. Actually, some users would like us to bombard them with some marketing materials, but it appears that such actions might not be quite proper as pointed in various EB-5 seminars.

Our principal immigration attorney, Young Noh, has served as an AILA EB-5 Committee member during 2008 ~ 2009 (as well as 2011 ~ 2012) and has also been a member of American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) since 1992. He specializes in handling EB-5 cases (both direct individual and regional center-based EB-5 cases), and our Investment Visas Law Office has a strong track record in obtaining I-829 conditions removal approvals. You can view sample I-829 approvals for permanent green cards at:

The is designed to present detailed and useful information on EB-5 law, issues and developments, in an easy-to-understand manner and format for the EB-5 community around the world. Any information on Regional Centers and EB-5 projects referenced in this site is solely for sample reference purposes, as our office's policy is not to recommend publicly any specific EB-5 Regional Center Program or EB-5 project, but like any law office, we will express our opinions to our retained clients based on our experience.

As always, users can view the current list (updated by USCIS) of all USCIS-designated Regional Centers at below link of the official USCIS website:

Note that USCIS does not keep the list of RCs with I-829 approvals, etc.

If you are seriously considering an EB-5 case for you and your family, we recommend that you review at minimum: before you begin your EB-5 case.

Contact information of the IV Investment Visas Law Office:

IV Investment Visas Law Office
ATTN: Young Noh
Irvine, CA 92620
(Due to time constraints, work telephone number will be provided to only serious inquiries and actual retained clients.)

Paid telephonic consultation procedure

Anyone wishing to consult with us telephonically should email us regarding their issues, and we will email consultation fee and a request for an advance payment for the consultation to be set up. Consultation fees can be paid by bank wire transfer or Paypal system.

We regularly give EB-5 consultations to clients world-wide. Our previous consultation clients include Fortune 500 companies, potential EB-5 investors and other professionals, including other immigration attorneys.

* Our practice is limited to only EB-5 cases, and we do not even take other types of U.S. federal immigration cases, so please do not contact us about other types of U.S. immigration cases. Young Noh is not an attorney licensed to practice law in California but is an attorney licensed in another state (Hawaii) and limits his representation to only U.S. federal immigration cases.

What is the specific office or contact point that I can find out where the designated TEAs are located in Arizona?

I don't have the info. You will have to contact Arizona labor department and ask.

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