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Only contact us at if you wish to retain us for paid consultations or need our services. Do not contact us to help you find potential investors for your project. You may wish to include the following information:

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Due to time constraint and legal liability, aside from general information (not to be construed as legal advice) posted on this website, our law office provides only paid consultations which can be set up by contacting us. Consultation fee can be paid by Paypal method or bank wire, whichever you prefer.

Note our office provides EB-5 related legal consultations and services, including paid telephonic and/or in-person consultations, to potential and existing EB-5 investors world wide on regular basis.

I485 adjustment, how long it takes? Less time than I526 approval?

I-485 based on I-526 approval now takes faster than IV processing. We would say around 4 months or so. This is due to the fact that FBI fingerprint checks are done pretty quickly these days.

Are there designated airports to go through the immigration entries? Or any international airports do have the immigration line?

Usually there is one for intending immigrants. Gotta ask airport staff; they should know.